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Building Pipeline Has Never Been Harder

LeadMagic takes the guess work out of it.
Old Way
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Hire New Sales People with No Experience
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Buy Expensive Annual Contract to Sales Engagement Platform
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Primary Domain Ruined. Entire Company Struggles to Deliver Email.

Result: Hard Work, No Results.

The game has changed. Sending more emails puts you at risk. Let our platform do the work for you.
New Way
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Setup Email Infrastructure Optimized for Deliverability
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Filter Search to Your Top Target Audience
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Land in the Primary Inbox & Smash Your Revenue Target

Result: Lead Generation on Autopilot.

Use the LeadMagic Automated Delivery System Powered by AI land you in the Primary Inbox.
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An Email System Built for Conversion

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We help you select or buy Domain Names dedicated to Email.
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Our AI Warmup Strategy keeps you in safe terms with your provider & gets you back to the primary inbox.
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Your message will get you the feedback you need to improve, rather than landing in spam.

Get Prospect-Market Fit Faster

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We help you get the feedback loop you need to launch a Unicorn.
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Our experts keep your Inboxes & Domain Namee safely reputable.
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You get responses from your target audience.
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You can make market decisions faster.
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Helps You Be Relevant and Personal at the Same Time

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We help you craft the perfect message.
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Your buyers read it and determine if they're ready to talk.
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You generate pipeline on auto-pilot.

Your Buyers Won't Read Their Spam Folder For You

Send Relevant Messages to Target Prospects and Convert.

Got Questions?
We Have Answers!

How do you compare to our Sales Engagement Platform?
Sales Engagement Platforms often are the cause of Domain Reputation Damage. They've become enemy #1 of the top providers for email.
How many emails can I send per month?
The maximum number of contacts is 20,000/Per Month.
How do you make sure the messages are relevant 1:1?
What do I have to do to start the warm-up process?
It takes 5 minutes to register the domain names and share them with us. They continue to stay under your ownership and our expertise on how to build a reputable outbound domain name.
What are the results we can count on?
Our biggest result is getting you back into the primary inbox.  Without an effective delivery strategy, your outbound email campaigns are dead in the water.

From there, it’s not unusual to see 2x-3x reply rates.  Once responses start pouring in, we can help you by suggesting iterative changes to dial in success.
Would you consider a performance based model?
We do not accept performance based models.
Do you offer e-mail deliverability consulting?
We're currently focused on our Monthly and Annually Recurring Revenue Model. We appreciate how big our brand has become on this one topic.
However, right now our key focus is making our current customers who are in our outbound prospecting program successful with their B2B Cold E-mail Systems.

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