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LeadMagic gives your outbound a direct pipeline into your prospect's primary inbox.

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Outbound Without Uncertainty

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Building Pipeline Has Never Been Harder

LeadMagic makes it easy and predictable.
Old way
Spend all your budget on expensive Sequencers and Data packages.
Blast massive amounts of cold email from your primary domain & straight into spam folders.
Waste your sales & IT team's time trying to fix never ending deliverability problems.

Result: Wasted Budget & Missed Revenue Targets

This kind of strategy ruins one of your most valuable resources, your company's domain reputation. Bad outbound campaigns can damage every other department in the company.
New way
We build a Sales Email infrastructure that can send cold outbound safely.
We use our proprietary warm-up algorithm to prepare fresh domains.
We use modern security features to make sure every message lands directly in the Primary Inbox.

Result: Outbound that produces consistent pipeline

Our advanced delivery infrastructure will help you take the uncertainty out of cold email. It’s time to get your messages into the primary inbox and in front of prospects.
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An Email System
Built for Outbound

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Register fresh domains and share the domains with our account.
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We launch an e-mail warm-up process that builds your positive email reputation.
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We use advanced security measures that tell the world you’re a safe email sender.
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Get Prospect-Market Fit Faster

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We make sure your messages are actually getting seen by high value prospects.
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We help you define a target audience for your campaign.
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We help you build a list of prospects who are eager to hear your messaging.
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We help you continuously optimize your audience.
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Personalized & Relevant Messages

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Our experts help you craft messaging using a proven framework.
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We help you iterate your campaign to dial in success.
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All your team needs to do is close deals.
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Your Sales Team Should Be Selling

We’ll grow your pipeline using best in class data and pinpoint email deliverability.

Got Questions?
We Have Answers!

How do you compare to our Sales Engagement Platform?
In most cases, we augment the current process of your team reaching out to interested leads. However, for pure cold outbound, you should not be using your primary domain or actively trying to build a multiple domain system inside your company.
How many emails can I send per month?
We generally start with 1,000 Contacts, and we see how things are going. Similar to Paid Ads, you'd never want to scale failure and burn your audience or company's expenses.
How do you make sure the messages are relevant 1:1?
Our team are experts in data enrichment and data pipelines. We're able to take complex processes that you manually do with research and automate it.
What do I have to do to start the warm-up process?
It takes 5 minutes to register the domain names and share them with us. They continue to stay under your ownership and our expertise on how to build a reputable outbound domain name.
What are the results we can count on?
Our biggest result is getting you back into the primary inbox.  Without an effective delivery strategy, your outbound email campaigns are dead in the water.

From there, it’s not unusual to see 2x-3x reply rates.  Once responses start pouring in, we can help you by suggesting iterative changes to dial in success.
Would you consider a performance based model?
We do not accept performance based models.
Do you offer e-mail deliverability consulting?
We're currently focused on our Monthly and Annually Recurring Revenue Model. We appreciate how big our brand has become on this one topic.

However, right now our key focus is making our current customers who are in our outbound prospecting program successful with their B2B Cold E-mail Systems.

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