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LeadMagic provides you super powers to find your way to the primary inbox. Apply to our Done-With-You Program.

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Benefits of using LeadMagic
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An Email System Built for Conversion

  • We help you select or buy Domain Names dedicated to Email.
  • Our AI Warmup Strategy keeps you in safe terms with your provider & gets you back to the primary inbox.
  • Your message will get you the feedback you need to improve, rather than landing in spam.

Get Prospect-Market Fit Faster

  • We help you get the feedback loop you need to launch a Unicorn.
  • Our experts keep your Inboxes & Domain Names safely reputable.
  • You get responses from your target audience.
  • You can make market decisions faster.

Helps You Be Relevant and Personal at the Same Time

  • We help you craft the perfect message.
  • Your buyers read it and determine if they're ready to talk.
  • You generate pipeline on auto-pilot.

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Turn Your Prospecting Data into Customers

Validate, Enrich, and Clean your prospect data to convert them to customers.

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