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Uncover Opportunities In Your Web Traffic

Take your website out of the dark ages
Old way
Red No for Insights
Spend more money on more expensive data sources on annual contracts.
A red circle for the old way.
Fight them at renewal time.
A red circle for the old way.
Delayed outreach thanks to waiting around for reports.

Result: Wasted opportunities & missed revenue

Your sales team is stuck blindly reaching out to prospects with no relevance and no insight into their intent.
New way
A green way representing the new way.
Know exactly who’s visiting your website and why.
A green check representing the right way to do it.
Understand how your prospects engage with your business and identify new opportunities.
A green check representing the right way to do it.
Convert web traffic directly into pipeline by reaching out to visitors proactively.

Result: Turn high-value visitors into loyal customers

Know when prospects are on your site and trigger sales alerts and workflows instantly.
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Know When Prospects Visit & Take Action

Get alerted when ideal customers land on your site.
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Identify: Flag high value brands and prospects the moment they visit your site
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Match: Trace visitors by marketing channel to inform what’s driving website traffic.
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Alert: Instantly highlight valuable visitors to your Sales Team through Slack.
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Seamlessly Convert Visitors into Leads

Turn anonymous visitors into high value lead lists.
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Filter: Segment your web traffic based on vertical, ICP, brand, and title, so you can match leads to the right workflow.
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Export: CSV's formatted to upload targeted account.
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Your contacts and emails in the system.
Sales Alerts and messenger.

Trigger Sales Alerts & Workflows Instantly

Focus your efforts on delivering timely contextual outreach to your highest value prospects.
Identify Checkmark
Notify: Get instant notifications when target companies land on your site.
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Prioritize: Alert your Sales and Marketing Team to the highest value accounts first.
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Check out what our Customers say about us.
Justin Michael
Verified user
Quality data, expert service, enriched - limitless
LeadMagic is the most accurate visitor data. I finally understand who my prospects are and convert them.
Dec 16, 2021
Amelia Taylor
Verified user
Enterprise SaaS Sales
Quality of Data is amazing. How I am able to find and call people and it being exactly what I need, within minutes, is unreal. game changer.
Dec 16, 2021
Aamir Kadri
Verified user
LeadMagic - great tool to identify leads accurately, and with good actionable information.
Great accuracy and speed. It outdoes the nearest competitor by at least 20%, while being a fifth or lower of cost. Any visitors to my site get converted to great leads!
Dec 16, 2021
Dave Melillo
Verified user
Getting the data I need with LeadMagic
Access to the LeadMagic data through the API and Segment integration has been the biggest game-changer. Now we can use LeadMagic for any data use case — simple reporting, deep analysis, process automation, or even machine learning/prediction.
Dec 17, 2021
Ricky Pearl
Verified user
Must have service for B2B marketing
Identify website visitors. The data is accurate. The notification comes through very quickly so I can strike while the iron is hot. Get contact details and know which companies are looking at your services. We invest a decent amount to get people to our website. They don't always submit the form or engage with one of our lead magnets. Knowing which companies are visiting the site really helps with our account-based sales and marketing strategy. It's really effective.
Dec 17, 2021
Terry Wilson
Verified user
1st party intent data - Incredible!
You only pay for what you use - no monthly subscription! Lead Magic shows me the company that has visited my website AND the individual (with their contact details!) and it happens in real-time. This allows us to very accurately and economically retarget them through our advertising.
Dec 17, 2021
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