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Transform your prospecting data into customers

Unlock the power of accurate emails and mobile numbers, and validate your data seamlessly. Transform your B2B prospecting into a customer-converting machine.

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Transform your prospecting data into customers


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Clean your data

Most accurate real-time B2B data enrichment

Clean, Validate, and Enrich Your Data with the Most Accurate Information. No lock-in contracts.

  • Use spreadsheets with old data from annual contact providers.
  • Consume a very small percentage of the service.
  • Struggle to integrate into modern prospecting tools.
  • Affordable and efficient, buy only what you need.
  • Automatically cleans lists and provides CSVs.
  • Fast, real-time data enrichment.
Instantly clean

Upload Your Stale Prospect Data

Take the worst of your spreadsheets.

  • Find: Our AI Technology Matches your Prospecting Data to the most accurate real-time information.
  • Cleanse: Provides the Field You Need Most.
  • Enrich: Add Missing Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Validation Status of your top prospects.
Connect quickly

Clean and Enrich in Real Time

Watch our Platform Clean or Give You the Result Back on the API.

  • Identify: Instantly flag valuable prospects in your data.
  • Match: Easily let our live data enrichment clean your data with the most up-to-date information.
  • Push: Push to your favorite spreadsheet application and take action.
Easily engage

Push to Your Outbound Systems

Reach the Right Decision Makers.  Faster and Better Than Your Competitors.

  • Launch Campaign: Launch the highest converting campaigns and acquire your target customers.
  • Integrate: Push to Clay, SmartLead, or other automation tools with our push to webhook functionality.
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Accuracy On-demand

Never struggle with incomplete records, incorrect addresses, and stale contact information again.

Email Finder

  • 99% Accuracy
  • Only Pay for Valid Emails
  • Catch-All Validation System
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Mobile Finder

  • Highest Accuracy
  • Only Pay for Found Mobiles
  • Search with B2B Profile or Email Addresses
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Email Validation

  • Gray List Protection
  • High Rate Limits and Integration
  • Only Pay for Valid or Invalid Emails
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Company Finder

  • Find Company Ad Spend
  • Find Company Technographics
  • Competitor and Headcount Insights
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Profile Finder

  • Job Change Tracker
  • Real Time B2B Profile Update
  • Track B2B Social Engagement Posts
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Jobs Finder

  • Directly From the Source (Company Job Boards)
  • Alerts by Job Title and Description
  • Alerts by Company Name and Description
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Seamlessly Connect to Your Current Data Sources

Validate, Enrich, and Clean your prospect data to convert them to customers.

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Integrations with various data sources

Credit Based Subscription

Powerful data validation and enrichment with our flexible, credit-based subscription.

10,000 Credits

$99.99$0.01 Per credit

  • Direct Mobile Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • B2B Profile Enrichment
  • B2B Company Enrichment
  • Job Posting Alerts
  • Ad Spend Data
  • Google Extension
  • Access to LeadMagic API (
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30,000 Credits

$259.99$0.0087 Per credit

  • Direct Mobile Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • B2B Profile Enrichment
  • B2B Company Enrichment
  • Job Posting Alerts
  • Ad Spend Data
  • Google Extension
  • Access to LeadMagic API (
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Check what some of our customers have said

Amelia Taylor's picture

Amelia Taylor

Enterprise SaaS Sales

Quality of Data is amazing. How I am able to find and call people and it being exactly what I need, within minutes, is unreal. game changer.

Aamir Kadri's picture

Aamir Kadri

LeadMagic - great tool to identify leads accurately, and with good actionable information.

Great accuracy and speed. It outdoes the nearest competitor by at least 20%, while being a fifth or lower of cost. Any visitors to my site get converted to great leads!

Dave Melillo's picture

Dave Melillo

Getting the data I need with LeadMagic

Access to the LeadMagic data through the API and Segment integration has been the biggest game-changer. Now we can use LeadMagic for any data use case — simple reporting, deep analysis, process automation, or even machine learning/prediction.

Terry Wilson's picture

Terry Wilson

1st party intent data - Incredible!

You only pay for what you use - no monthly subscription! Lead Magic shows me the company that has visited my website AND the individual (with their contact details!) and it happens in real-time. This allows us to very accurately and economically retarget them through our advertising.

Turn Your Prospecting Data into Customers

Upload, Enrich, Target your ideal customers.

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