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Turn your unknown website visitors into deals.

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Uncover Website Visitors

LeadMagic tells you who is coming to your website.

Convert Visitors Into Leads

Find the people who never fill your forms out and convert them

Close More Deals

We make it easier for you to find the people on your site and convert them

Find Your Next Customer

LeadMagic seamlessly integrates into your website and tells you what companies are visiting.

Identify Leads

See who visited your site, where they came from, and what content they engage with.

Segment Key Data

Focus on closing deals. You can filter visitors by how they found your site and what pages they viewed.

Export Lists Of Sales Qualified Leads

Your team will be able to easily export lists of sales qualified leads to better tailor their messages for each prospect.

LeadMagic is Trusted By These Companies

The most accurate data for your sales team to find leads and convert them.

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"Working with LeadMagic is an effective, no-nonsense service to get qualified sales leads. With an easy to use dashboard the benefits were immediately clear to everyone. It has become a leading resource and an invaluable part of our sales org.”
Andrew Ettinger - Chief Revenue Officer - Astronomer
"For every marketer who wishes they had a crystal ball for site traffic, LeadMagic is basically it. The most accurate traffic matching I’ve used. Plus, my Sales Team wouldn't let the Marketing Team take it away"
Erin Rosintoski Lewis - Director of Marketing - Cooleaf


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you so accurate?

We've been building our database for years and we have implemented AI and Big Data Analytics into the platform. Now, we're the most accurate solution on the market and a lower cost than any other product out there.

Why are you different than LeadFeeder, Alcatross, VisitorQueue?

These products all use similar techniques and we've focused on making it actionable for B2B Sales Organizations.

I have an ABM solution. Why should I buy your product?

Often times ABM solutions come with operational nightmares and your sales & marketing teams struggle to deliver the data accurately. We've found our solution to be more accurate than a majority of these solutions at a fraction of the price.

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